Navigating the PKU Reimbursement Journey Video Series for Clinicians

This 8-part video series helps clinics navigate the PKU reimbursement and logistics journey so they can help patients gain access to and remain on BioMarin therapies. The videos feature key leaders from the BioMarin RareConnections, PKU Brand, Patient Support Services, and Specialty Pharmacy teams.

1.Introduction and Overview

An introduction to the BioMarin RareConnections and Specialty Pharmacy roadmap for navigating the PKU reimbursement and logistics journey.

2.BioMarin RareConnections and the Patient Enrollment Process

An overview of the BioMarin RareConnections patient services program and the process for enrolling patients to access BioMarin therapies.

3.BioMarin RareConnections Patient Enrollment Forms

A detailed explanation on how to complete the BioMarin RareConnections patient enrollment forms for BioMarin PKU therapies.

4.Securing Patient Coverage for BioMarin PKU Therapies

A comprehensive guide for securing patient coverage for BioMarin PKU therapies.

5.BioMarin Financial Assistance Support

A review of BioMarin’s financial assistance support program for eligible PKU patients in financial need.

6.Coordination with the Specialty Pharmacy

A detailed look at how BioMarin RareConnections coordinates with specialty pharmacies to deliver PKU therapies to patients.

7.BioMarin Reimbursement Journey Resources

An overview of the BioMarin resources available to clinics to navigate the PKU reimbursement and logistics journey.

8.Summary of BioMarin RareConnections Services

A summary of BioMarin RareConnections services and important BioMarin RareConnections contact information.

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