BioMarin RareConnections™ can provide ongoing product support throughout your treatment journey

Here’s an overview of the BioMarin RareConnections process

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Your BioMarin treatment is prescribed

  • Your healthcare provider will explain medication risks and potential side effects
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You enroll in BioMarin RareConnections™

  • You can enroll in BioMarin RareConnections by completing the Patient Authorization Form
  • Your healthcare provider completes and submits the Patient Enrollment Form
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BioMarin RareConnections contacts you

  • Once you have been enrolled in BioMarin RareConnections, your dedicated Case Manager will reach out to you with an introduction. They will be your ongoing partner, who can provide product support services to help you start and stay on treatment
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Your Case Manager helps you understand your insurance coverage and gain access to treatment

  • Your Case Manager can work with you and your healthcare team to verify your insurance and help you understand your coverage for treatment
  • If you need financial assistance, your Case Manager can help identify financial assistance options you may be eligible for
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BioMarin RareConnections helps coordinate delivery of your medication

  • Your Case Manager will work closely with your healthcare team to make sure you receive your medication when you need it. This may include connecting you with a specialty pharmacy to confirm delivery details for your medication
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BioMarin RareConnections provides ongoing support

  • BioMarin RareConnections also works closely with your clinic and other BioMarin teams to ensure you are supported over the long term
    • BioMarin RareConnections will work closely with your BioMarin Clinical Coordinator, who can provide ongoing product support and education, both in person and over the phone
    • The BioMarin team will follow up with you and help you get your refills on time 
    • Work with you to identify access options if your insurance coverage changes

To enroll in BioMarin RareConnections and get connected with your Case Manager, start by completing the Patient Authorization Form

You must complete the BioMarin RareConnections Patient Authorization Form (PAF) in order to receive support from BioMarin RareConnections.

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