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BioMarin RareConnections™ is here to help you understand your insurance coverage and financial assistance options

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BioMarin RareConnections will work with you and your healthcare team to determine your insurance coverage for treatment. Your Case Manager will

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Help you understand your insurance coverage and gain access to treatment

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Check whether there is a co-pay assistance program for you to gain access to treatment and help you determine whether you are eligible. BioMarin co-pay assistance programs are for commercially insured patients only, and certain terms and conditions may apply

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Help you understand whether you are eligible for other financial assistance options, such as the BioMarin Patient Assistance Program (PAP). PAP helps patients who meet specific eligibility criteria receive their BioMarin therapies free of charge if, for example, they don't have insurance or have a healthcare plan that won't cover a particular treatment

To enroll in BioMarin RareConnections and get connected with your Case Manager, start by completing the Patient Authorization Form

You must complete the BioMarin RareConnections Patient Authorization Form (PAF) in order to receive support from BioMarin RareConnections.

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