Uncommon support for CLN2 disease

Rare diseases like CLN2 disease can bring uncommon challenges. BioMarin RareConnections™ is here to help your patients meet these challenges with the resources and assistance they need

When your patient's caregiver enrolls with BioMarin RareConnections, he or she will be connected with a dedicated and experienced Case Manager who can provide a wide array of product support services to help your patient.

Our Case Managers will provide guidance on how your patients can gain access to BRINEURA® (cerliponase alfa) by:

  • Conducting eligibility checks
  • Helping your patients understand types of insurance and financial assistance options
  • Helping your office staff identify prior authorization requirements
  • Providing ongoing product support

Take the first step to help your patient get dedicated one-on-one support with BioMarin RareConnections

To enroll your patient in BioMarin RareConnections, you must complete the Patient Enrollment Form.

Patients must complete the BioMarin RareConnections Patient Authorization Form (PAF) in order to receive support from BioMarin RareConnections.

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