Frequently asked questions

Rare diseases can bring uncommon challenges, and everyone’s treatment journey is unique
With BioMarin RareConnections™, you don’t have to face it alone. Your BioMarin team will guide you along your treatment journey, working one-to-one with you to address your unique needs to gain access to treatment. Below are some common questions and answers that might be helpful for you.

About BioMarin RareConnections

BioMarin RareConnections is a program that provides a wide array of support services for BioMarin products to help you understand insurance coverage and gain access to treatment. This may include providing information about financial assistance options and working with your healthcare team to coordinate delivery of BioMarin products for your treatment.
Our dedicated and experienced Case Managers will provide guidance on how you can gain access to BioMarin therapies by:
  • Helping you understand your insurance coverage and financial assistance options
  • Providing you with ongoing product support for BioMarin therapies
  • Coordinating with a specialty pharmacy to deliver your medication at a date and time that is convenient for you
Once you enroll in BioMarin RareConnections, you will be assigned a dedicated experienced Case Manager who understands your unique needs related to treatment. Your Case Manager can help you determine your insurance coverage and, if necessary, identify financial assistance options for your BioMarin treatment.
To enroll in BioMarin RareConnections and get connected with your Case Manager, start by completing the Patient Consent Form.
In order for BioMarin to provide product support services, you will need to provide consent to both your healthcare provider and BioMarin:
  • Your healthcare provider needs your written consent to release your protected health information (PHI) to BioMarin
  • BioMarin also needs your written consent to share your information (including genetic testing information) with other providers to assist you with accessing services that support your treatment
Once you give consent, your healthcare provider will provide BioMarin with the information from your medical records needed to enroll you in BioMarin RareConnections. BioMarin RareConnections will help you work with your insurance provider to seek reimbursement for your care and will help you with other case management services.
A patient or an authorized representative for the patient must sign the authorization form.
If you choose not to sign the authorization form, BioMarin will not be able to provide BioMarin RareConnections support in connection with any BioMarin treatment.
BioMarin will use your protected health information (PHI) to enroll you in BioMarin RareConnections, which provides a number of case management services that help support your treatment plan (for example, insurance navigation support). BioMarin RareConnections will work with you, your healthcare provider, and your health insurance company to help with coverage related to your treatment. If you do not already have insurance coverage, BioMarin RareConnections can help you find insurance options.
The Patient Consent Form is valid from the date of signature for 10 years, or a shorter time if required by applicable state law, or until you cancel the authorization.
You can cancel the authorization at any time by submitting a written notification to BioMarin RareConnections.
Connect with a Case Manager by email or call 1-866-906-6100. Once you have been enrolled in BioMarin RareConnections, your dedicated Case Manager will also reach out to you with an introduction and will provide you with their direct contact info. Your Case Manager will be an ongoing resource, providing product support services to help you start and continue on treatment.